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Linksys Ether16 10BaseT Network Adapter Lan Card - LNE2000T

by Linksys
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The Ether16 LAN Card comes with solid features and support at a surprisingly low price. Connect any desktop computer with ISA motherboard slots to your network in seconds! Built to run right out of the box, the NE2000-compatible Ether16 includes one 10Base-T port (RJ-45) built-in. Because it's software configurable, you don't have to worry about setting hardware jumpers or switches--just plug it in. And with one of the most extensive software driver suites in the industry, it's guaranteed to work with your network operating system. Plug the Ether16 LAN Card into your PC, and it automatically detects whether you're using an 8 or 16-bit slot (most cards can't do this). The Ether16 boasts 10 megabytes per second data transfer speed, which is more than fast enough for most applications. A 16KB ring buffer speeds up hefty file transfers. The Ether16 LAN Card is a real network workhorse for ISA desktop PCs.


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