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Linksys EtherPCI Lan Card II

by Linksys
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Built for PCI computers, workstations, and file servers, the Combo EtherPCI LAN Card II offers world class networking features at a value price. Advanced error detection and correction are included. 32-bit plug-and-play compatibility is standard. There's also built-in support for all major network hardware and software, a boot ROM socket, simplified LED indicator, and much more! The EtherPCI LAN Card II comes ready to run right out of the box. Compatible with more Plug-and-Play motherboards than most other cards, the EtherPCI II is designed to interface directly with the latest 32-bit network operating systems like Windows 95, 98, and Windows NT in seconds. With its 32-bit design and complete software suite, the EtherPCI Card II will make networking your PCI local bus desktop fast and easy.


Card, Network, 10/100, PCI Ethernet